Information about Home Resto

How it works

Fees & Payments Policy

When you make a sale through Home Resto website, all fees will be charged automatically. Fees include payment provider fee and Home Resto commission fee. 

Payment provider fee is 0,35 euro + 3,4%. After payment authorization, you will receive an amount less of payment provider fees to your PayPal account.

Home Resto fee is 5% (but minimum 0,50 euro) from total order price and will be separately automatically deducted from your account. 

An example calculation of payment processing fees can be found here.

Home Resto recommendations 

Home Resto team gives you a bit of advice how to keep things legal and taxes paid!

First, think of legal form of your business. You can provide services either as a natural person, a sole proprietor (FIE) or register a company (most commonly OÜ). Each form has its benefits. For more detailed information read the appropriate legal acts and/or turn to accounting consultant if needed. Do not forget that any business activity leads to certain tax obligations!

Second, report your activity to the Veterinary and Food Board. There are several steps to be taken among which, but not only preparing a self-checking plan, getting a doctor’s note and take a course in food hygiene. For further information read Veterenary and Food Board web-site and/or contact them in case of any questions. Once your activity is legalized, enter this information on your profile page on website. This will rise trust for your food and customers will be more eager to buy from you.